The Vinyl & The Coconut

By Vinny
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Dominican Republic is wonderful, it really is. It's never too cold, it's constantly too hot, the beaches are  beaches and the weather is unpredictable. You can actually see trees in the city and the random people smiling is not a myth, people are nice. One of the highlights of the country is its culture, to be more specific, its music. A country with so much color and so much life that it can't contain itself and is constantly looking for the right sound to express the unexplainability of being.


The living, how I’ve decided to call those who’ve made original music and made it in the industry, are the ones who you only hear on christmas. Ever wondered why you love that season so much? Maybe part of it is how our christmas sounds and how everything syncs with it. The rest is probably the food or the gifts.


If we sound like that and enjoy like that, why do we still listen to the same repetitive trash made up of the exact same beat with different drunk music that degrades society in general and puts a shitty veil over what are now the fallen, aka, bands and solo artist that brought pride to the concept of music and sent shivers down your spine but didn’t sell enough or didn’t degrade our country enough, ran out of budget and hope and split or left the country.  


Right now there’s a guy (probably after downing a couple of jumbos and playing dominos with los muchachos at el colmadón not having a single care in the world) in his living room talking into his computer mic and a camera getting millions of views because he knows someone will buy that that shit  while that kid with the magic hands on the guitar and keyboard is getting a rejection email right after getting back from 4 hours of rehearsal and is getting excited about those 57 views on his video.


So maybe that’s why we’re here. Maybe that’s our fuel.


We are obviously talking about the Jumbos.